Rural communities of color in East Texas have been systematically ignored when it comes to shaping our collective future. Our goal is to foster year-round civic engagement within our communities and to inspire a sense of purpose and critical thinking. We do this by directly addressing the most pressing issues affecting us, including immigration, healthcare, and wealth inequality.  We aim to empower our communities to challenge and overcome systemic barriers through ongoing programs in the counties of Smith, Wood, and Cherokee.



Este Poder is building power in rural East Texas communities of color through civic engagement, organizing, and leadership cultivation. We are collectively working towards a future where our diverse community has the opportunity to thrive.


We believe in a world where Rural East Texas communities of color assert the power they hold to enhance their quality of life.

Our Values


We believe in communities and organizations working together to strengthen programs, connection, and increase awareness of civic and social changes to rural communities of color.


We believe that our power and opportunity is not limited by gender, race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, or location. We believe inclusion is momentous towards building power in overlooked and underrepresented communities of color.


We believe in the interconnectedness of equity in rural communities and urban communities of Texas. Building power in underrepresented areas that have historically been overlooked is a necessary aspect of interconnected change to build for our future.