Rural communities of color in East Texas have been systematically ignored when it comes to shaping our collective future. We aim to empower our communities to challenge and overcome systemic barriers through ongoing engagement and advocacy. Our goal is to foster civic engagement within our communities and to inspire a sense of purpose and critical thinking via Este Poder’s programs that are designed to organize communities of color in rural East Texas:


Este Poder focuses on individuals aged 17-35 by partnering with East Texas high schools to equip young people, including college students, with civic engagement tools with the aim is to instill lifelong active participation. Additionally, Este Poder has established student chapters that continuously organize in the region’s largest colleges/universities  to promote civic engagement.

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Este Poder is establishing partnerships with East Texas school districts to ensure they have the resources they need to fulfill this duty and equip young people with the tools they need to become civically engaged.

We also regularly organize Voter Registration events and promote a culture of civic engagement in rural colleges and universities.

Our Work

Currently we have partnerships with the following East Texas High Schools and Higher Education Institutions:

High school partners

College & University partners

Did you Know?

By virtue of being a high school principal in Texas, you are required to serve as a Voter Deputy registrar (VDR) for the county in which your school is located. This requirement has been enshrined in Texas law  – House Bill (HB) 210 since the 1980s, ensuring that eligible high school students have the opportunity to register to vote using resources made available by their high school principals.

Where does Este Poder come in?

Este Poder strives to bridge the awareness gap between school administrations and eligible student voters under their Young Texas Civic Engagement Program. Este Poder’s mission goes beyond assisting high schools in complying with the law; we emphasize instilling a sense of civic duty in the youth, fostering a lifelong habit of active participation.


We are committed to identifying and addressing challenges faced by our community, that’s why we strive to meet our communities where they are and communicate with them in the language they’re most comfortable with. Our approach includes a range of strategies:

  • Partnering with local churches
  • Monthly voter registration events
  • Farmers Markets
  • Participation in community events
  • Door-to-door canvassing

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